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Clean Bite™

Nº de Proyecto: #19957
Capital requerido
1.000.000 USD
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Capital mínimo por inversor: $8,000
Pais: Estados Unidos
Provincia o Estado: Pensilvania
Destino del Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Fase: Finished product
Función del inversor: Equity partner
Puntos claves: The U.S. Patented Clean Bite™ is the world’s only single use toothbrush made of Collagen, a foodstuff. Clean Bite™ when gently chewed brushes the teeth, gingival margins and the tongue, then dissolves after its 60 to 90 seconds of utility, and is completely ingested or disposed of at the user’s discretion. Designed originally to meet the needs of amputees who were unable to brush their teeth on their own, Clean Bite™ has been developed, prototyped and patented by Dent-Chew Brush, LLC.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: Equity in exchange for investment

The U.S. Patented Clean Bite™ by Dent-Chew Brush, LLC, brings oral hygiene to every location, and situation that is outside of the home where the regimen of oral hygiene normally takes place. The single use Clean Bite™ has 800+/- bristles that line the bite channels and across the palate arch. Additionally, there are four reservoirs containing dentifrice that rupture on compression, equally distributing the dentifrice throughout the bite channels. Shaped like a mouthpiece it gently configures to the bite. When placed in the mouth, the user cleans their teeth, tongue, and gingival margin simply by chewing it gently. After 60-90 seconds of utility, Clean Bite™ dissolves, and as a collagen foodstuff that contains 5 – 6 grams of protein, it is totally ingested or disposed of.
It was originally designed by an Army Medic while serving on an amputee ward and intended for soldiers who lost the ability to brush their teeth, however, the largest of U.S. domestic markets is “at risk” school children who are recipients’ of meals at school (2008 seven [7.7] billion meals) and who have the worst dental records in the United States. Other domestic and global populations, e.g., disaster relief, refugees, physically challenged, hospital patients, air passengers and travelers, prison inmates, astronauts, everyday convenience consumers, etc.
A secondary part of the Clean Bite™ patent is its ability to serve as a delivery system for vitamins, nutrients, medicine and micro-encapsulated vaccines, along with its primary intended oral hygiene.
Given the low cost of Clean bite™, it will permit the world’s poorest populations in the developing world to receive both, oral hygiene while addressing other health issues as well.
Dent-Chew Brush, LLC, is looking for investment to fund two efforts; (1) to further develop manufacturing equipment to enable high-speed manufacturing of Clean Bite™, and (2) the commercialization and licensing of the technology, and IP on a global basis. An investment may be made in one of two ways, a singular investment of $1MM would be in exchange for 12.5% equity. If the investment is done in two tranches of $480,000, and $506,000 respectively, (totaling $986,000) the exchange in equity would be 11.5%.
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John H. G., Jr.
Managing Member

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