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Portable Projector

Nº de Proyecto: #19909
Capital requerido
60.000 GBP
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 1000
Pais: Reino Unido
Provincia o Estado: West Midlands
Destino del Capital: Research & Development
Fase: Pre-Startup
Función del inversor: Indifferent
Puntos claves: A range of portable and beautiful projectors designed for the home, business and education applications, with great functionality, performance and usability.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: Percentage of profits

Product Design
Our projects focus heavily on re-imagining ordinary products so that they become the best version possible.

We draw inspiration by beautiful and engaging designs that not only look good, but also go hand in hand with impeccable performance and ergonomic functionality. Combining timeless ideas with groundbreaking concepts from the future, we can take pride in creating something that enhances the user experience through a highly intuitive design, that always remains intelligent, engaging, functional and visually pleasing.

*Photo:  Bus shelter pods for fashion trendy high streets (one of our projects)

Current Project: Portable Projector

Projectors are the hearts and souls of any good presentation and we believe that our innovative design comes backed with new-found portability, aesthetics and practicality. Our range of projectors are not only very beautiful and engaging, but are imbued with great performance, usability and convenience, designed to make projecting a delightful, fun and pleasurable experience. 

The funding goal we have set for stage 1 (to get the product through the development and prototyping stage) + marketing and other costs - is 60,000 GBP

Help us make the future of presentation media a reality, and we guarantee that our product will find its rightful place in the home, business and education environment, around the globe.

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