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E-MOMMY (Innovative e-school for girls and women)

Nº de Proyecto: #19866
Capital requerido
17.000.000 GBP
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 100
Pais: Reino Unido
Provincia o Estado: London
Destino del Capital: Research & Development
Fase: Pre-Startup
Función del inversor: Indifferent
Puntos claves: Innovative e-school for girls and women.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: 50% return on invest and the possibility to send me anonymously candidates.
Sumario Ejecutivo:

I've reached all my professional skills goals and decided to set up a private business to become fully independent and combine my computer scientist knowledge to business. This decision is logical after spending twelve years to build a strong professional knowledge basis depends on my financialevolution.

To change from my usual living environment, I have decided to develop my business activity in
Australia. This decision was a good opportunity for me to travel and have other new experiences.

After my first step in the business world and a long analysis work, I have defined the project IAM-ME
for an educational social network destined to girls and women with the goal to impact boys and men's life. To be able to make this project coherent, I have also defined two other projects witch are
E-MOMMY and E-YOUTOME. The E-MOMMY project is destined to give the required IT tools to
support the main project IAM-ME. The E-YOUTOME is destined to give the required Knowledge and
IT tools for a IAM-ME lifestyle conversion.

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