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Bone & Broth - Launching the Starbucks of Bone Broth

Nº de Proyecto: #19810
Capital requerido
400.000 EUR
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 50000
Pais: Reino Unido
Destino del Capital: Project Launch
Fase: In Operation/Selling
Función del inversor: Equity partner
Puntos claves: Unique opportunity to ride the wave of a new food & beverage trend, with long-term potential as a platform for a healthy living brand.Timing is perfect as consumers are looking for healthy alternatives to traditional hot drinks and sugar-heavy drinks.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: We are offering a minority equity stake in the company
Sumario Ejecutivo:
Documentos adicionales:

We are launching the first global chain of broth bars that will make bone broth the health drink of choice for consumers throughout the world. 

Bone broth is the best health drink suited for mass-consumption.It is nourishing ("liquid food"), tasty and full of benefits for the body. Broth has been made for centuries as a comfort food but also to heal our bodies. Each cup of bone broth is full of collagen, amino acids and minerals that contribute to a healthier living. The cooking time (typically a minimum of 24 hours) helps break down the bones and connective tissue, resulting in a collagen and mineral rich beverage that is easily digested and absorbed by the body. It is low in calories and helps curb cravings for sugar.
It can be consumed at any time of the day, as a morning drink, a meal or an afternoon/evening drink.

We create beef broth and chicken broth using organic bones from environmentally responsible farms in England. Our product is unique, in taste and appearance, made with high-quality ingredients including culinary and medicinal herbs to enhance its health benefits. 
It is slow-cooked for 24+ hrs using original recipes, with elements of fusion from East Asia. 
We offer our broth as a brew in a "grab and go" format that suits the fast-paced modern urban lifestyle. Our broth can be customized to taste with various add-ins. We  also have a unique vegetarian broth.

There is nothing equivalent in the marketplace anywhere yet. There are very few options for hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), hence the opportunity to enter the market and become the “Starbucks” of bone broth. We are positioned in the sweet spot of major consumer trends: holistic health & wellness, nutritious foods and sustainability. The closest market - UK functional drinks - is valued at $5Bn, growing at 10% p.a. Our main competition is non-consumption as people are not aware of the existence and benefits of bone broth yet. So far, we have attracted two categories of customers: Health-conscious consumers and food explorers.

Over the last few months, we have been offering our products at three pop-up locations in Central London (Old Street Station, Marylebone High Street and St Pancras International) and at London Fashion Week in Soho. In 50 trading days, we sold £25,000+ worth of broth to 4,000+ clients and attracted thousands of followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We have already been vetted by two premium London food retailers (The Natural Kitchen and Sourced Market) who have offered us retail space on their premises.

Our economic model aims at maximizing economies of scale in production (the broth-making process is very capital-intensive) while creating a premium “healthy living” brand (the inherent nutritional qualities and uniqueness of the product open up multiple branding opportunities and justify a premium market positioning and pricing). Ingredients – while highly nutritious and of the highest quality - are very cheap to procure (bones are 90% cheaper than meat). The compact “broth bar” format only requires a small retail area, allowing to maximize revenues per sq ft, and makes it manageable by one “brothista” only, allowing to minimize labour costs.

Our long-term goal is to create a global chain of broth bars as we believe that bone broth is the best health drink suited for mass-consumption. Our plan is to grow quickly to leverage our first-mover advantage and to reach critical mass in terms of market presence and operational efficiency, first by offering our broth in multiple strategic locations in Central London (e.g.
tube and train stations), then expanding in other UK cities and countries in Europe and in North America.

Our short-term objectives are to hire and train high-quality staff ("brothistas") - who
will embrace our philosophy and be able educate customers about the product's benefits - and to set up a professional organisation "from kitchen to counter"including sourcing, operations, logistics, accounting, marketing, etc.

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