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Mini Bank Branches STOP Growth of Bank Deserts Across USA

Nº de Proyecto: #19744
Capital requerido
3.000.000 USD
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 250,000.00
Pais: Estados Unidos
Provincia o Estado: Florida
Destino del Capital: Project Launch
Fase: Finished product
Función del inversor: Indifferent
Puntos claves: Highlights Proven systems, launch ready to provide basic financial services Market of 150mm person within the USA PLUS developing nations. Interest from multiple retail (distribution) channels and banks Advanced IT team with int'l experience and US gov't contractor experience Pending sales of $12mm to States of IL and MD. Six more States in the que.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: Ground Floor opportunity in USA as well as expansion through our connections into EU.Loan negotiable. Or 12-18% Equity stake for $3-5mm investment. All financials available for review.
Plan de Negocio:
Sumario Ejecutivo:
Documentos adicionales:

Short Summary
The paradigm shift in the evolution of banking reversing the growth of bank deserts across the USA with high tech mini bank branch ATM "like" terminals in banks, Credit Union's and retail.

The Business
We provide basic bank and financial services to bank challenged market of 150 million people that traditional banks do not have a solution for. And we do it at a fraction of the costs. Consider vetting person and check, enrollment, bank account open with check deposited and debit card printed on the spot in <5 minutes for <$10!
Verses a traditional bank 45+ minutes at a cost of $300-$350 to set an account up!

The Market
150 million bank challenged people known as unbanked, underbanked, debanked.
Total market volume 2013 est at $320 billion
With $89 billion in fees, penalties and interest.
Grocery stores cashing 24% of the bank challenged market
Sub prime retail ie Rent To Own and Buy Here Pay Here 80% of customers w/o a bank account.
(See BuyHereBankHere video for auto dealers)
Banks and CU's w/o a product to offer the market.
To name a few...

Market Driven to Change by:
US Treasury Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations incl BSA/AML, OFAC etc...
CFPB rules for bank to KYC the Vendor of their bank services (ie grocery stores cashing checks)
Impossible for bank to KYC the Grocery stores customer for money laundering, ID & Check fraud without our solution!

Progress/Proof Designs, built s/w and h/w, patent issued.
Live debit platform tested at 1,000's of transaction per second.
Experienced IT dept.
Terminal prototypes and manufacturing ready.
Terminals running in test mode Orlando, FL office.
US bank partner ready
eWallet ready
Money Remit to 80 countries
P2P and P2B transactions
Interchange FREE transactions for any retailer on the program.

Adoption by major int'l financial services group with full integration by eoy.
Pilots launching to their client base Q3 '16.

National automotive marketing group to resell BuyHereBankHere to auto dealers.

Verizon telco partner to resell to 2,000 retail stores

Pending $12 mm in sales to States of IL and MD for our prescription drug payment card version.

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