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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Nº de Proyecto: #19437
Capital requerido
200.000 USD
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 500
Pais: Canadá
Provincia o Estado: Manitoba
Destino del Capital: Project Launch
Fase: Finished product
Función del inversor: Equity partner
Puntos claves: We have designed, patented and built a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that is durable, low maintenance, low decibel and operates at a low RPM. Our goal is to provide green energy from the wind around us, which will reduce greenhouse gases, provide energy to remote areas dependent upon diesel generators for electrical power and reduce the load on aging utility grids in many areas. There are many applications for the use of the Kelso VAWT such as tele-com towers, farms, grain silo's, mines, small business, chimneys, sub divisions, abandoned oil rigs at sea, remote communities off grid, plus many more applications that are brought to our attention each day.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: We offer percentage of profits or shares.

Kelso Energy has developed an innovative ‘Vertical Axis Wind Turbine’.  Small, quiet, and robust, thewind turbine will help owners generate their own electricity. The engineering of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) makes it ideal for “off-grid” installations, and for mounting on existing towers, buildings and silos.

We at Kelso Energy want to help to reduce the effects of climate change, which may be caused by burning fossil fuels.  Our small wind turbines are designed to provide relatively low-cost electricity for many years with minimal maintenance.  They are simple to install and easy to maintain.

Barry Ireland, the original inventor and the patent-holder for Kelso Energy’s VAWT has a dream.  The sale of thousands of these turbines, for cellphone towers, for scientific research stations, for isolated communities in the north, for farmers, ranchers, for cottage owners, for recreational properties and high rise buildings etc., will help lower the owner’s energy cost and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

The smaller 2-kilowatt wind turbine is an ideal size for locations off the power grid (“off-grid” applications), or for tower mounting on existing towers and poles such as cellphone broadcast towers.  The larger 5-kilowatt wind turbine works well where more electricity is required, larger communication  towers  and farms & ranches or where any surplus electricity can be sold back into the grid.

This should be a concept where everyone wins!  The owner of a VAWT should benefit from affordable and dependable electric power. Power companies have distributed, renewable energy located where it’s needed, avoiding costly connections or standby power plants.  And all of us together should help to lower environmental emissions from fossil fuels.  

To make this happen, we need help from you.  Kelso Energy has conducted extensive laboratory and wind-tunnel tests, and has installed the VAWT’s in many latitudes – all the way up to Alaska, and needs to now go through extensive field trials. Kelso is now working with Underwriters Laboratory for field-testing, evaluation, and certification of the wind turbines.  Both models need to be certified, to give prospective owners confidence in their safety and their performance.

What does this certification give us? Kelso Energy has received inquiries to buy the vertical-axis wind turbines from individuals and companies in the United States, from Central and South America, and from the South Asia countries.  Of course all of these enthusiastic buyers want certainty that the turbines are dependable and productive investments.

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