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Capital for supplying goods for the South African retail stores

Nº de Proyecto: #18991
Capital requerido
30.594 GBP
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 8%
Pais: Reino Unido
Destino del Capital: Working Capital
Fase: In Operation/Selling
Función del inversor: Equity partner
Puntos claves: A strong partner for this long term operation of supply of goods for the retail industry.This is an ongoing supply of cargo on a monthly basis with a variety of products for the industry which is called (FMCG).
Qué ofreces al inversor?: We can offer 8 to 10 % return on investment.1)Cost of goods and Freight charges from Europe to South Africa . 2)Only cost of goods to South Africa. Their are to options which ever the invest is prepaid to work on.

J**** D***** IMPORTS & EXPORTS (PTY) LTD is a supplier in the retail section of business as well a supplier In mining and Sugar progress plants in Africa (Chemicals and equipment).

We are looking for Capital for supplying goods out of Europe  for the  South African retail stores which as 450 local stores in the country and in Africa. We are one of the preferred suppliers for the Group which is listed on the Johannesburg stock change( JSE).   

We source the goods mainly  out of Europe for South African market . 

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