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Funding for a Relatively New Concept; Fashion Retail Boutique + Restaurant

Nº de Proyecto: #19913
Capital requerido
1.500.000 USD
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 250,000
Pais: Singapur
Destino del Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Fase: Pre-Startup
Función del inversor: Indifferent
Puntos claves: Unique keyfeatures include; placement of tablets in each dressing room for the convenience of customers to request for: a new size to try on and complimentary styling tips/tricks and advices. However, should they want a full styling experience for an event or occasion, they can request for an appointment and pay the necessary fees.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: I would like to retain 100% control over the business. The investor however, will benefit from cashback of the exact capital amount invested in the business and 10% of the profit earned until investment debt is cleared.

  I am Nur Auni, looking to get funding for my first business which is of an original concept which I came up with myself. Locally, it is a relatively new concept of having a fashion retail boutique and a restaurant in one space and under one brand.

 Boutique wise, it is of a mid-level range, catering to both Men & Women. I with the help of my design assistants will be designing each and every product from clothing to bags, shoes etc. We are also including in a fragrance line. We will do all designing here in Singapore and manufacturing/produce it overseas mainly in Italy among other countries such as France. U.s, Spain.

 As for the restaurant, it will be of a casual fine-dining concept that is Halal. Balancing between being an upscale fine-dining (formal) and a slightly more family-friendly restaurant (relaxed vibe) and ensuring it isn't overly formal yet not too laid-back casual either. Cuisine will be a fusion of Western, European and Mediterranean.

 Aside that, for our e-commerce, we offer delivery for similar gourmet food choices available at the restaurant as there are currently not many of such services available especially those which are Halal. Delivery of the boutique items will be available for worldwide shipping.

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