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AES256 File System

Nº de Proyecto: #19188
Capital requerido
100.000 USD
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 25000
Pais: Argentina
Provincia o Estado: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Destino del Capital: Sales & Marketing
Fase: Finished product
Función del inversor: Working partner
Puntos claves: The AES256 File SYSTEM protects any kind of file, with the option of erasing definitely the original file, leaving no trace of it, in the PC.You can send a cipher file by e-mail.At corporative level, the messages can be sent, to all the members of the net, to only one, to several, to all except some. Any member of the net can be neutralised, avoiding the deciphering of any messages. You can use keys of any size or kind and when they are kept in a pendrive are protected by one or two keys of 32 ASCII characters or 64 Hexa characters. The AES256 File SYSTEM is the first and only data security system that puts the strength and sophistication of the advance national encryption standard (AES) at the disposal of business and personal computers at an affordable price.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: The 49% of the future company.

It is a hardware based system; it allows sensitive information to be quickly, easily and economically protected to a degree never before available in a PC.
The information is secured with the AES256 File SYSTEM. Data files are encrypted in the unit and kept in the PC, with the use of two keys and a simple command. The information is ciphered quickly. 
With a stand-alone PC, data is secured for on-site storage and in a net, data is encrypted for transmission over a communications line to another PC’s or Internet.
If the ciphered data is sent to another PC, this has to have the AES256 File SYSTEM installed. With the Supervisory Key, that is common at the corporative level you can send and receive all kind of information.

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