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Complex Cafe Hostel

Nº de Proyecto: #18981
Capital requerido
150.000 USD
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 140000
Pais: República Dominicana
Provincia o Estado: Santo Domingo
Destino del Capital: Project Launch
Fase: Pre-Startup
Función del inversor: Equity partner
Puntos claves: Business Benefits - Project: 1. Free choice of the location of buildings. Wish geographical location, on the road or the motorway with plenty cars flow, near the city with a large population (200 ths . And more). 2. Cost-effective and fast building. Building constructed from shipping containers. For the construction of required mainly construction workers without qualifications. 3. Interconnectivity business lines. Each area creates consumers for the other direction. 4. Low prices on all products and services at the expense of places without rent and fixed assets of low-priced and low-cost labor. 5. Creativity and uniqueness of product offerings and services. 6. New methods of management of the company. Investment payback period Within 6 months of profitable business complex will cost at least 300 thousand. $. Profitability expected profit of 200% per annum of the original capital at the beginning of the year. Investment risks are minimal, mainly because the funds are invested in commercial real estate. Force majeure situations only in wars, revolutions and other disasters.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: 50% of profits and market capitalization

Business Project

1. Construction of business complex, which consists of 2 parts: a) fast food outlets with delivery; B) The hostel for 56 people.

 2. The organization of business the whole complex.

 3. Obtaining a loan secured by the construction of the complex and the second complex.

4. Creation of a network of business centers in different cities and countries

 Strategic goal - rapid increase through capitalization of assets and rents.

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