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Your company in Estonia

Nº de Proyecto: #16344
Capital requerido
150.000 EUR
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 100
Pais: Estonia
Provincia o Estado: Harju
Destino del Capital: Sales & Marketing
Fase: In Operation/Selling
Función del inversor: Indifferent
Puntos claves: 1.3 potential customers. Market value : €630 billions. Our business plan is available on request
Qué ofreces al inversor?: To be negociated ; share, pourcentage...

Because of the tax burden and weight of the administration 30% of French business leaders are wishing to relocate their business. On the other hand, many holders of French capital are looking to invest in more favorable countries.

We propose to business leaders and creators who wish to relocate their activities outside the French territory a global support for all the steps requested for their migration to Estonia, this exhaustively. Moreover, for investors, we are conducting successful business research in Estonia.

There are 3.4 million businesses in France.  We estimate that about 1 million of them can be concerned by our offer.  The number of potential investors is difficult to discern, but it is really significant.

Estonia has the following advantages:
- No income taxes if benefits are dedicated to investment
- A modern, highly evolved and peaceful country
- A remarkable quality of life
- The E-resident status, specific to Estonia, accessible to all, which enables the creation and 
   management of your business from home wherever you live
- An educated workforce, flexible and inexpensive
- A preserved wilderness
- One of the least corrupt countries in the world
- No bureaucracy
- A particularly low level of crime

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