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Hospitality and Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd

Nº de Proyecto: #16324
Capital requerido
2.000.000 EUR
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Capital mínimo por inversor: 500000
Pais: India
Provincia o Estado: Maharashtra
Destino del Capital: Bienes de Inversión
Fase: En Funcionamiento/Vendiendo
Función del inversor: Socio capitalista
Puntos claves: We provide comprehensive Facility Management Service to Institutions.
Qué ofreces al inversor?: Equity to be converted into debt over a period of 5 years @ an estimated gain of about 10 - 12 % per annum over 5 years.

Hospitality & Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd is a 7 months old startup registered as a Pvt Ltd Company on 1st Jan 2015. 
We provide comprehensive Facility Management Service to Institutions. What this means would be clear if you go through the attachments enclosed. 

The following are the details you need to know about the company in short and modest prospects of return.

About the Company
1) The company was being run as an enterprise for past 8 years in small scale, but the market response was good. Thus this year 2015 the company diluted and a new company was formed as a Pvt Ltd company with 4 directors currently. All professionals from various backgrounds.

2) The first quarter was blank, no business. Second quarter onwards the business is bullish. Orders worth Euros 100,000 are already bagged more are in the pipeline.

3) The company at this current state can manage to sustain and break-even in next two quarters, but to speed up the growth trajectory this funding is necessary.

Level of Investment required
1) The company is planning and in discussion to raise funding to the tune of about 2 Million Euros ,spread over next two quarters.

2) The modest return could be annualized about 10 - 12%, there is no upper limit. It all depends upon how quickly we can increase the market share and build book value. As you know India itself is the huge market. We would not be focusing on the overseas market in this round of funding.

Why this funding
1) We would be establishing about 10 branches in Tier II/III cities and 20 +Satellite stations which would be serving as Field Liaising Units across India in Tier IV/V Cities.

2) We plan to establish a world class training institute (we are in talks with some universities and Ministry of Education for accreditation of our courses) for Housekeeping, Facility Management and Integrated Language / Etiquette courses.

3) We plan to strengthen our HR and Marketing network.

4) We also plan to tie up with some equipment manufacturers.

Please feel free to call up in case you need more information.

Best regards,
Koushik B.

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