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Capital requerido

17.000.000 GBP

Reino Unido, London

I've reached all my professional skills goals and decided to set up a private business to become fully independent and combine my computer scientist knowledge to business. This decision is logical aft

Capital requerido

50.000 USD

Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

La actividad ya se encuentra operativa, desde julio 2017 , y dada de alta como Pyme desde marzo 2018.La idea es aumentar el capital social para fortalecer económicamente la empresa, invertir en market

Capital requerido

50.000 GBP

Reino Unido, North West

My dream is to be able to deliver Fraud awareness workshops across the UK and to teach all general public vunreable people who have been scammed out of their money and also on a number of areas to ind

Capital requerido

50.000.000 USD

Sudáfrica, Mpumalanga

I am South African holder of a Mechanical Engineering and Technical Training qualifications plus lots of working experience in the mechanical field. I am looking for interested investor

Capital requerido

200.000 USD

Sudáfrica, KwaZulu-Natal

I was inspired to design and implement Keys to Life through looking back on my own life.Being an adult means you have accumulated a certain level of experience which you can use to make informed decis

Capital requerido

5.279.500 USD

India, Karnataka

Looking at setting up a chain of international schools, starting with a pilot in Bangalore.  Initially the school will be started from Grades 1 to 7 and upgraded in the second year to Grade 10.&n

Capital requerido

50.000 USD


Human Capital Contracts as seen on Wikipedia, is a finance product that allows for the provision of funds to an individual, through an ‘’equity like’’ arrangement, where the provider of the funds rece

Capital requerido

10.358.105 USD



Capital requerido

2.500.000 USD

India, Uttarakhand

This project is for the overall growth of a student from schooling till job.In this we have 4 sectors Schools


The education journal is targeting at high school students in Nigeria (who amount for more than 35% of the country's over 170 million people) It is the first of its kind in this part of the world and

Capital requerido

250.000 EUR

Estados Unidos

We offer in-depth training of professional utilize business tools and strategies. Building and creating new opportunities is what we strive for. Our vision is to create a center that is profound and p

Capital requerido

20.000 USD

India, West Bengal

Love My Class is being launched to create a Global Classroom in a single platform. We are trying to simplify education. From Live Classes to last minute revisions. Test Papers to Counselors

Capital requerido

350.000 USD

Hong Kong

(1) For global teachers teach with e-textbook on wireless mobile devices everyday.(2) For global students study with e-textbook and do homework on wireless mobile devices everyday.-

Singapur, Central Region

I have built a online tuition agency [House Tutor] which is able to automate the communication, hiring and the payment by parents. It is a live and working system [Completed] which I have bu

India, Tamil Nadu

Greetings, It is my pleasure to introduce my company “F*** T***Private Limited.” started in the mission of providing professional Stock Trading Education Online in all regional languages to every

Capital requerido

500.000 USD

Estados Unidos, Nueva Jersey

We are New Jersey base development training firm and we are all about building a legacy in the business industry across the globe. We present the opportunity to develop business skills, gain leverage,

Capital requerido

1.400.000 EUR

India, Chhatisgarh

We are from 'Institute of Business Administration and Management, B*****, we are in the process of building a private university in the State of Chhattisgarh, India. We have already invested approx Rs

Emiratos Arabes, Dubai

Investment required to the extent of USD 150,000 or AED 500,000 for a very highly lucrative and potential start up education venture in Dubai, UAE. Partnership proposals also considered.  Ge

Capital requerido

50.000 USD

Sudáfrica, Gauteng

We have career driven schools in South Africa, giving school children to complete more advanced career training in school years, thus giving them a better opportunity for employment. I need an investo


Wow, where to begin!It all started way back at university, in my dorm room. I remember laying awake, knowing that I'm definitely not prepared for the test I am writing the next morning. Notes and cros